Being Bipolar

Bipolar is a scary word to most people in our world. Being Bipolar can be even more scary. I am very open about my Bipolar Disorder. In my opinion, there isn't enough mental health awareness in the world. My goal in life is to spread awareness for mental disorders, especially Bipolar Disorder. I want the... Continue Reading →

Scott’s BBQ & Grill – Restaurant Review

If you are ever traveling through Brantley County with a hungry appetite, make sure you stop at Scott's BBQ & Grill! They have some of the best food in town! When we were living in Ohio, we had a regular pizza place we would order from atleast once a week. Cardinal's Pizza was more than... Continue Reading →

We Survived Spring Break

Our Big Crazy Ohana survived Spring Break this year. We made it all week with zero trips to the Emergency Room or major meltdowns. However, we did have a lot of why moments. Spring Break can be quite hectic especially, when you have seven tiny humans to entertain. You have to make sure they don't... Continue Reading →

Meet My New Friend Sam

This past Thursday was World Down Syndrome Day. This day was very special to me because I have a coworker who has Down Syndrome. Source: Our Big Crazy Ohana World Down Syndrome Day March 21st is a day that we observe for all of those born with Down Syndrome. We come together on this day... Continue Reading →


Family is a word that has different interpretations to different people. Some people think family is just blood, while other people think friends are family. Family consists of people that love you no matter the circumstance. They are by your side no matter what happens. There is one thing I want to write about today,... Continue Reading →

8 Tips for Working Moms

Sometimes being a stay at home mom isn't an option. Some moms have to work to provide for their families. 1. Always Do Morning Preparation Regardless if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, mornings can be chaotic and stressful. I have found, through experience, that you should always prepare for... Continue Reading →


Today is a special day! We recognize March 8th as International Women's Day. Source: Our Big Crazy Ohana It's a beautiful day to be a woman! Happy International Women's Day, my sisters! We reserve today to celebrate females from across the globe. We take the day to reflect on the many wonderful and brave women... Continue Reading →

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